Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Blog Primer

This marks my first attempt at a legitimate blog, much less one with such an academic/real world focus. As such, I think it is appropriate to describe my background and intent in creating this blog. Currently a graduate student at Georgia Tech, I'm just recently arriving at this topic, and I won't pretend to some wealth of knowledge that other people lack. When I was a child, like many other children, I loved automobiles. Their bright colors, interesting shapes, and the way they zip around the planet, utterly in control of their own destiny. Then there were trains, unstoppable forces of motion that conveyed the building blocks of existence across continents. Looking to the sky, airplanes suddenly shattered the barriers of distance to make everyone our neighbor, while illuminating our imaginations with notions of communing with the heavens. Recently, it has been bicycles: human-powered, a steel steed not surrounding us with the promise of speed, but letting us seat upon its infinite progress. Conveyed quickly, sure, but also with a fascinating pace that makes the world not something to be spun under us in the name of 'getting somewhere', but something to be appreciated in the name of 'being somewhere'.
Now, with growing concern about global warming, environmental degradation, economic distresses, and a growing dissatisfaction with the way we live our lives, I find myself pondering if improving the way we move around the world might positively affect our existence. So the purpose of this blog is to compile information, from a number of sources on the automotive industry, cycling advocacy, transportation infrastructure, political punditry, and anything else related to a more sustainable future for transportation. I am not an engineer or mechanic, but I am passionate about sharing with other people the potential for a happier life through more efficient, sustainable, and meaningful, transit. Input is always appreciated!


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