Saturday, November 20, 2010

What do we want from transit?

I have a crazy idea: What if somebody actually figured out what we want from transit, and then gave us that? I know, you're thinking "That's what we do now. It's called [demanding from the market][voting for elected officials][more/better what we have now]". But the more I think about this, the more I wonder if that's really working for us. Instead of citing a bunch of sources for why things aren't working now, I wanted to try something different. I want you to ask your friends, ask your family, ask yourself, and tell me: what do you think transportation should do for us? What do we want of it? Should it be fast, propelling us quickly to our various destinations? Should it be cheap, so that we can put more money in our pockets (and so that more people can afford to get around)? Or perhaps we want it to be efficient, minimizing use of space, energy, and money. Would you like to share transit with others, or would you like to have your own space? Are you willing to exercise to get around, or do you want to be able to do work while you get around? To answer the first round of questions, I've constructed a very brief survey to get a feel for what people my age think about transit. Hopefully it will suggest further topics of exploration! So, please take the survey!

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  1. you have basically ignored what Americans enjoy.
    We want fast, cheap, accessible, and efficient travel. That is why the car was a revolution at one point. To really find out what Americans want, we have to look at what has changed the world in the past. So i make the contention that the next thing to change the world will be small personal flight vehicles.